Drug & Alcohol Policy Statement

The Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy applies to all personnel who may sail on or visit the Company’s vessels and exceeds the requirements set forth in OCIMF Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol onboard ships.

  • The misuse of legitimate drugs or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or uncertainly controlled drugs ashore or onboard ships by anyone is strictly prohibited and constitutes grounds for employment termination.
  • Any form of drug, with the exception of prescribed drugs is totally banned from Company managed vessels.
  • Personnel on prescribed drugs must declare this fact to the Master upon joining the vessel, or upon prescription, if prescribed during the period of service onboard.
  • The Master if on prescribed drugs must report this fact to the Company prior joining the vessel, or upon prescription if prescribed during the period of service onboard.

With regard to alcohol this Policy is based on the following:

  • Total abstinence from alcohol for 4 hours prior to a period of scheduled responsibility.
  • Under this policy, alcohol impairment shall be defined as a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 40 mg/100 ml or greater.
  • Moreover, on all vessels managed by the company, the alcohol consumption by personnel is strictly forbidden and any kind of alcohol is not allowed aboard the ships, except as required by the Master for special circumstances, other than the use by ship’s personnel.
  • In addition, the Company maintains a system based on breathalyzers and random testing by urine samples to monitor the effectiveness of this Policy.
  • The Master monitors this policy on board all vessels by carrying out alcohol testing of seafarers by breathalyzer, which is maintained onboard, when impairment of alcohol is suspected, at random intervals (at least once a month, Master inclusive) as well as whenever an incident occurs and within 8 hours of the incident.
  • In addition, Officers and Ratings undergo appropriate tests carried out during pre-embarkation medical examinations.
  • Officers and Ratings on scheduled duties are subject to annual unannounced Drug and Alcohol testing / screening, conducted by qualified personnel in addition to routine medical examination.
  • An Alcohol testing of seafarers by breathalyzer is initiated by the Head Office on a quarterly basis through a notification which is sent to the Master. Records of these tests are maintained.

Note: Once the notification for conducting the test is received on board, the Master should arrange within a reasonable period and without violating the work-rest hours schedule, all crew members (including him who is tested by the Chief Officer) to undergo the test. Nonetheless, and in order to ensure the efficiency of the unannounced test, such period should not exceed six (6) hours.


Post-accident D&A testing: In the event of any accident which results in damage to property, personnel or environment, all personnel shall undergo a drug & alcohol test as soon as possible after the accident however, not exceeding eight (8) hours.