Vision and Mission Statement

European Product Carriers Ltd., aims to be recognized as a world class global supplier of quality marine transportation services to the shipping industry, paying always due regard to applicable Rules and Regulations applied to the field.


Our Vision

  • To provide our services with integrity and reliability.


Our Mission

  • To identify, mitigate or control risks, for the purpose of safeguarding people, environment, property and process from accidental losses.
  • To promote safety and environmental excellence in all areas of our business performance.
  • To preserve our corporate values through our day to day operations.


Our Values

  • We strive for continuous improvement.
  • We aspire to achieve zero spills at sea and zero accidents.
  • We care about sound business principles and ethics.
  • We build our future through innovation and new business opportunities.
  • We show respect to the concerns of our people and public.
  • We encourage teamwork and open communication channels.
  • We acquire, develop and share knowledge.
  • We manage our business risk and prepare for unexpected changes.
  • We build trust with our clients, and industry partners.